2020 Events

Event Times — Saturday, July 4th, 2020
All Events Simulcast Live on Channel 15 and YouTube

Virtually watch Flag Raising by Scout Troop 33,
National Anthem sung by Rosie Monaghan,
Welcome by Mayor Trina Mehr

Virtual Concert by mr. Ray http://www.mrray.com/

Virtual Concert by Milltown Marching Band

12:00pm —3:00pm
Watch virtually as Uncle Sam is escorted around town by the Milltown Fire Department and Milltown Rescue Squad. You can follow his route online and then wave back in front of your Patriotically decorated home or business as he passes by.
We will be taking video of you and your decorations as well!

“LIGHT UP THE SKY” Listen for the fire whistle, then light up flashlights, etc , bang and clamor away for 2 full minutes till the 2nd whistle. Be sure to look UP…you will like what you see!

Here is VP Russ Einbinder discussing the day’s planned events in more detail: